A renowned Canadian poet who had worked with the man convicted of killing an Indigenous woman says he won’t read the killer’s poetry at an upcoming University of Regina event at the centre of calls for it to be cancelled. George Elliott Clarke said earlier this week that he wasn’t ruling out readingRead More →

The latest star among non-dairy milk products comes from one of Canada’s most underrated crops: oats.  Canadians are consuming about 20 per cent less dairy milk than they were a decade ago, according to Statistics Canada. In that time, people have turned to many non-dairy, or plant-based, milk alternatives: soy, almond, coconut,Read More →

​Billboards featuring Ralph Goodale and Justin Trudeau loomed over potential-voters in Regina as the federal election neared.  “Send Trudeau a message, Vote out Ralph Goodale,” ​the message advised. It was a campaign brought to the people by the third-party advertiser Canada Growth Council (CGC.)  Goodale said the campaign was effective forRead More →