If you’ve been wanting to watch some of this season’s critically acclaimed movies at your local independent cinema, you may be out of luck. Independent movie theatres across the country say Cineplex Entertainment, which owns about 75 per cent of the screens in Canada, is shutting them out of the marketRead More →

More than a year after Meng Wanzhou’s arrest at Vancouver International Airport, the first formal phase of the Huawei executive’s extradition hearing begins Monday in B.C. Supreme Court. American prosecutors want Meng sent to New York to face fraud charges related to allegations she deceived banks about Huawei’s control of aRead More →

The entrance of a tea shop that has been turned into a ‘Lennon Wall’ of pro-protest notes in Hong Kong, in this Thursday photo. Stores that openly support Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protest movement are nicknamed ‘yellow shops.’ (Mark Schiefelbein/The Associated Press) Alan Yu runs an auto repair shop in northern Richmond, B.C.Read More →

For Dennis Thisner, the misadventure started before dawn, Monday. Most people were just beginning their work day, but Thisner, who works an early shift at a tech company in Vancouver, had already handed $900 over to a fraudster. Thisner works as a quality assurance engineer — a very technical job,Read More →

Around noon on a Monday in June, a trim 75-year-old man from the suburbs went to the emergency room at Vancouver General Hospital with searing stomach pain. He had been quietly uncomfortable for weeks, but his family insisted he seek help when the stubborn burn in his abdomen worsened and hisRead More →

Five major companies operating in B.C. are still unable to account for an unexplained gas price difference of 13 cents per litre between southern B.C. and other parts of the Pacific Northwest, according to a report released Tuesday. The companies had the opportunity to explain the discrepancy this fall after the B.C.Read More →

Lawyers for Meng Wanzhou say there’s no truth to the suggestion they are on a “fishing” expedition in their bid for records to prove Canadian and U.S. authorities conspired to violate the rights of the Huawei executive. Meng’s legal team shot back at Canada’s attorney general Tuesday after the release of documents in which the AG claims noRead More →

The bar-headed goose, native to Central Asia, is one of the world’s highest-flying birds. From spending the winter months in South Asia as far south as the southern tip of India, the bird migrates over the world’s tallest mountains peaks in the Himalayas to its summer grounds in Tibet, Kazahkstan and Russia.  SoRead More →

For Leah Rensel, there’s nothing better than dipping your hands into a plastic trap full of angry bats. The University of British Columbia Okanagan grad student has a smile on her face as she grabs the tiny mammals that have been caught in a special device that waylays them as they exit theRead More →

For 30 years, Cactus Club and Earls have occupied a similar space in the hearts and stomachs of B.C. diners. The chains, which have spread across Canada and into the U.S., have peacefully coexisted in the “premium casual dining” market, competing for the same customers without stepping on each other’sRead More →